What clothes do you need for fall?

What Clothes Do You Need For Fall?

Seasons changing can go one of two ways, good or bad. You have full control of which way it goes if you stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. It…

How do clothes affect communication

How Do Clothes Affect Communication?

Clothes do more for us than most think. Some people think of clothing as a materialistic that some may put too much focus on, i.e. the fashion industry. While others may think…

What Do Women Executives Wear?

The perception of the woman executive has evolved in the best of ways, if you ask me. Gone are the days of women dressing like men to work in powerful positions. Women…

How Should A Woman Dress For A Conference?

Dressing for success at conferences is just as important as making sure you have your business cards. If you think the clothes you have on you do not matter; you are playing…

What Do You Wear To A Virtual Interview?

Should you dress up for an interview if it’s virtual? The answer is YES! It is easy to assume because only your upper body is viewable, that you do not really need…

How Do You Dress Feminine At Work?

How women dress in the workplace has always been a touchy subject. Should you dress more masculine to get respect? Is it inappropriate to wear more fitting clothing in the work place?…


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